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Lance Falk

In an art form replete with specialists, Lance has been described as an “Animation Swiss Army Knife” having worked successfully in many disciplines within the form.

Born in San Francisco, Lance’s earliest days were filled with creative pursuits and a love of art, from Book Illustration, Film, to Music. His first significant job was working as a weekend Docent (and shortly therafter a trainer of same) at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, (The World’s Largest Interactive Science Museum). This was during his Senior Year at San Francisco Downtown High High School where he was also the Student Body President and would have pulled down straight A’s if it weren’t for that pesky math test. On the side, Lance was the President of a 300 Member Science Fiction Club.

After a brief run at SF State with a Major in Art, Lance took an opportunity to move to Los Angeles, where the Animation Industry was based. After a few years of supporting himself with unremarkable bill-paying jobs, Lance seized an entry Level opening at Hanna-Barbera Productions. Between various maintenance tasks in this venerable studio, Lance practiced diligently on his writing and drawing and in less than 5 months was promoted from the Stockroom. A record time for the company.

Thus began a decade-long run at HB, where Lance rose quickly through the ranks, never missing an opportunity to learn from the Veteran Artists. Within a year, Lance became right-hand assistant to the head of HB’s Model/Design department. He achieved the reputation of a Radar O’ Reilly: I.E. Someone who knew the artistic pipeline inside out and could anticipate, then solve problems before they started. Lance Reviewed Portfolios, Hired Designers, Cast Artists to the Correct Productions and generally kept the busy department running smoothly for years. In the meanwhile, he was always given the most challenged productions to organize because he had a knack of getting them back on schedule and keeping them there.

In addition to being a Designer on countless HB productions, Lance also moved into Assistant Producing, Development, and Writing with successful Staff Writing jobs on two series, a best Selling Scooby-Doo Home Video Movie, and a stint as a Development Writer. The highlight of this was being hand-picked to work with Joe Barbera on a series idea. During his writing period on Jonny Quest, Lance was also mentored by Producer Davis Doi, following his script from Recording through Final Edit and Mix. This was incredibly educational and has informed all aspects of his efforts in the years since. He States: ‘It’s helpful to know the big picture in a field of specialists’.

As Hanna Barbera was winding down, Lance transfered to Warner Bros. TV Animation as a Designer on the Emmy-Winning Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. He enjoyed the pure drawing of this job and dove in, working as a designer on many series at this exciting studio. Lance claims because it was ‘drawing all day, every day’, he learned more about drawing in a single year than he had during his decade at HB. To this day, Lance often cycles back to Warner Bros. for 3-5 Month staff design gigs.

Lance’s most frequent Studio Home these days is SD Entertainment where he is used in a number of capacities from Design to Color Styling to Organizing all the artists on a given production (Something he knows well from his H-B Tenure). Since the demise of H-B, Davis Doi has been the top artist at SD and still mentors Lance in all the aspects of Animation Production. SD has given Lance an opportunity to work on CG and Flash-based Productions as well as the usual Hand-Drawn variety of animation, further rounding out his experience.

Lance with Loony Toons ArtworkBetween and during all these studio jobs, Lance is in demand as a prolific freelance Writer and Artist. In the last year alone, he has done work at no less than four studios and worked on projects ranging from Road Runner Theatrical Shorts, Beavis And Butthead, a Pink Panther Christmas Special, to Bob The Builder, and beyond. The most interesting of these was a few years back during a stint as The Development writer at the late, lamented Cornerstone Animation.

Besides work, Lance has Written and Produced and Performed in Successful Original Stage Plays, is learning Adobe Photoshop at a rapid pace, Reads constantly, loves playing with his two Pugs and getting his Disneyland on with that Special Someone.