Podcast coming soon!

Podcast Coming Soon!


Solid Professional Reputation for Speed, Quality, Versatility, and Dependability
Experienced with Cartoony, Stylized, and Adventure Styles, and Anything in-between
Experience in the Unique Design and Color Needs of Traditional, CGI, and Flash Productions
Strong People Skills
Computer Skills in Adobe PhotoShop (Ongoing classes) and Lightwave 7.0

Warner Bros. (December 1994 – Current)
Prop Design for the Following WB shows (Staff except where Freelance is noted):
Tiny Toon Adventures
Baby Loony Toons (Freelance)
Loony Toons Theatrical Shorts (Current Project)
Pinky & The Brain (Multiple Seasons)
The Zeta Project
Duck Dodgers (Multiple Seasons)
Xiaolin Showdown (Two Seasons, One I did Solo)
Kangaroo Jack II (DTV)
Superman: Braniac Attacks (DTV, I did this Solo)
Krypto the Superdog (Freelance)
Loonatics Unleashed (Freelance First Season, Staff Second Season)
Scooby-Do DTV (A Few Series, 5 Movies and Counting)
Misc. Special Projects for Corporate

SD Entertainment, Inc. (October 2002 – March 2010)
Designed Props and was the Color Key Designer for:
Dinotopia DTV feature.
Song Sequence Supervisor for Candyland video
Color Key and Props for Bratz Babyz*
Prop Designer/Color Key/Art Supervisor for Many Care Bears DTVs and Series.
Props and Color Key for Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, and My Little Pony, and Hydee & The Hytops

Hanna Barbera. (1986 – 1996)
Just about everything for a decade. From Writing to Designing to Color Styling to Post Supervision, etc.

Misc. (1990 – Current)
Various Freelance Projects for Disney, Film Roman, Wildbrain, Cornerstone, Rubicon, etc. (Yes, I am a ‘Propstitute’)

Numerous references and specific samples available on request, but feel free to ask about me with anyone who I may have had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

* I needed the money