Podcast coming soon!

Podcast Coming Soon!



To combine my computer skills and extensive production knowledge to provide a creative company with a Story Editor, Staff Writer, Development Person, Production Manager, and/or Associate Producer.

I’m especially interested in applying my experience as a one-man development team. Since writing shows for CGI, I have a more than average knowledge of the possibilities and current limits of the medium. My experience in traditional animation and storytelling sensibilities would come in very handy for any format in the animation field.


Strong people skills
Enjoys Research and Brainstorming
Knowledge and experience of animation production informs my writing (and vice versa)
Fast Learner
Solid knowledge of storytelling and animation production.
Works well with artist groups
Experienced Animation Designer, Presentation Artist/Writer, and Production Coordinator.
Computer skills in:
MS Word 2000
MS Excel
MS Access
MS PowerPoint
Adobe PhotoShop CS4
Lightwave 7.0


Hanna-Barbera / Warner Bros.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
Head Staff Writer With 9 Produced Scripts

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron
Head Staff Writer with 6 Produced Scripts and Style/Merchandise Guide

Scooby-Doo Video Movies. These were (and still are) Best Selling Videos.
Contributing Sequence Writer on “Scooby-Doo and The Witch’s Ghost”
Plotter / Co-Author of “Scooby-Doo and The Alien Invaders”

Staff Show Development Writer and Assistant Art Director for Numerous HB Series and Direct-to-Video Movies including a Special Project with Joe Barbera.

BFC Berliner

MP4orce episode “Pirate Rumble” for European Broadcast. A Kid’s SF Adventure Show. I worked through an America-based Story Editor but I’m told my work was well received and I was on the short list for returning writers should the series get picked-up (it wasn’t)

Cornerstone Animation

Two original show bibles and a feature-length outline for this wonderful and sadly missed artist-friendly studio. One Straight SF Action, the other was a Kid-Friendly Myth/Adventure/Magic Series.

Hollywood Radio Theater

Wrote and Produced Two comedic plays, which had successful, several month-long runs, performed live for the coffeehouse crowd and Warner Animation. Currently Developing this as a full scale theatrical experience.

Landoll Publishing: Two Children’s Actvity Books adapting my Jonny Quest Episodes.

Titan Books: A “Behind the Scenes of Jonny Quest” article for British Publisher. Misc. Small Review articles and illustrations for the UK’s The Official Babylon 5 Magazine.

Cartoon Network: For a few years, I did a semi-weekly column for Cartoon Network’s Website on AOL. It was a Jonny Quest Q & A folder set up for me in which I answered fan questions, wrote essays, behind-the-scene articles, etc.

Spec. Material: Unsold samples include Four Star Trek: The Next Generation Teleplays (made it to the pitch stage anyway) and A Two-part Teleplay for Batman: The Animated Series. A Pilot Script for Rob Leifield’s Youngblood. Available as live action and animation writing samples, respectively. (Personally, I think Trek made a big mistake)


Universal Computing Institute: Full-time, 9-week coursework in:
Windows ’98 – MS Word 2000 – MS Excel2000 – MS Access 2000 – MS PowerPoint 2000

Hanna Barbera’s Animation Writing Class taught by Annie Montgomery

Comprehensive private lessons in:
LightWave 3-D 6 (A Computer animation suite) –

Studio Arts: Los Angeles: Have Successfully Completed Multiple Courses in Various Aspects od Adobe Photoshop CS4 and CS5 (Digital Illustration)

Mac Store: Also taking weekly 1-to-1 Mac classes in the iWork Suite (the Mac version of MS Office)

Numerous references and samples available on request.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration